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Stokes, Visca, & Company, LLP - CPA's was founded in 1997 by Stephen Stokes, CPA and Paul Visca, CPA. The two partners met and formed a friendship while working together at Coopers and Lybrand, now known as Pricewaterhouse Coopers. They both realized the big firms were geared towards serving the large business market, yet were unable to cost effectively service the needs of small entrepreneur-based businesses and individuals. After serving in controller and CFO capacities, the two partners met up again and opened up shop in 1997 with one goal in mind – providing comprehensive accounting, tax, payroll, and financial services to the small business owner and individuals. Thus, the concept of a “one stop accounting shop” was born. We are the firm that can provide accounting, tax, payroll and financial services to small businesses and individuals all under one roof. 

We have CPA’s, QuickBooks Pro professionals, bookkeeping experts to help with your accounting needs, and tax experts to help with your income tax planning, preparation, and compliance. Our team includes an in-house payroll company – CPA Payroll, Inc. – to provide personalized payroll services. We also have an in house financial planning team to help with retirement plans and financial planning. You may need help in all of the areas or just one or two of the areas. After we meet, we will develop a customized professional services plan that meets your specific needs.

Businesses and individuals who seek financial help come from a variety of unique situations. Our firm understands this and utilizes personalized approaches to client care that best accommodate these varying needs. Stokes, Visca, & Company, LLP - CPA's uses these client care strategies to better provide accounting, tax, and financial planning support to all types of small businesses and individuals.

We also do not bill by the hour at ridiculous rates. Instead, we provide value billing. We give you one price for the year for all needed services based upon a proposal we develop after we meet with you to assess your specific needs.

Applying Our Knowledge to Your Case

The key to financial assistance is the knowledge and experience to find solutions for difficult problems. Not only do we have this history, but we can improve our understanding for fully customized service.

Our CPAs have over sixty years’ worth of combined accounting experience. The full expertise of our firm is applied to meet your specific needs, from finding areas of improvement in your internal controls to identifying the most appropriate retirement strategies based on your income. The knowledge of our firm is bolstered by our access to national tax research opportunities, letting us find the right answer for your specific accounting needs.

Utilizing a Support Network

When launching or running a business, you will often need the help of more than just one CPA firm. Other CPAs with particular specialties, bankers, insurance advisors, and attorneys are all experts that you may rely on in different points in your company’s operation. Individuals may also need experts as well, such as estate attorneys, to help them through certain tax and financial decisions.

Stokes, Visca, & Company, LLP - CPA's maintains a professional network with these groups to help each and every client receive the exact assistance they need. Not only is this network one of our tax research opportunities, but it also supports and enhances the accounting services provided to you by expanding the expertise at your disposal. We will help you establish the professional relationships you need to thrive financially.

Simplified Accounting for All Clients

Accounting should be easy for you, and our assistance is designed to make it a simpler task.

For example, your bookkeeping and payroll functions should not have to wait until you or one of our staff members picks up or drops off documents. Instead, we provide a secure file transfer option on our site to help you send your information safely and immediately. We also have a detailed understanding of QuickBooks Pro to support you in the use of this accounting software. In these ways and more, we help you develop more control over your accounts and financial resources.

Contact Us Today

Stokes, Visca, & Company, LLP - CPA's offers accounting, tax, and financial support in the greater Rochester area with these our client care philosophies. For more information about how we can best help you and your business succeed, call our firm and schedule a consultation today. 

You can reach us at 585-427-0850 or by emailing Steve Stokes at sstokescpa@svcpas.com or Paul Visca at pvisca@svcpas.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

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