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Personal Financial Planning

Planning for Your Future in Rochester, NY

Stokes, Visca, & Company, LLP - CPA's provides financial planning services in the greater Rochester area. Our long-term financial support is available for businesses and individuals throughout Monroe, Ontario, and Wayne County. For more information about how we help you strategize for the future, schedule a consultation today.

Comprehensive Personal Planning

Many financial plans developed without expert assistance tend to start and stop at “putting money away for later.” The questions often left unanswered include: how should someone plan for putting away that money? Which investments are the right ones for your goals?

Our firm in the Rochester area creates comprehensive, individualized financial plans for our clients. We review your current investments to see if your assets are being allocated properly. If there is room for improvement, we offer advice on the most advantageous ways to invest these funds. We will also assist in long-term planning to preserve your estate and for stays at a nursing home, which are factors to consider when retiring.

Retirement Plan Setup and Insurance Plan Analysis

One of the key areas you can improve to strengthen your financial plan is in what type of retirement plan you use. There are several plans available with different advantages to them. Additionally, your insurance plans are important to review because they are an investment on your health. Understanding whether your insurance plan adequately covers your needs for a price you can afford is just as important a financial decision as choosing a retirement plan.

Stokes, Visca, & Company, LLP - CPA's helps you establish the right plans for you. We will review both the type of retirement plan you have and your current insurance plan to see if they work for you. We will then advise on which plans are going to better meet your needs.

Tax Analysis

How you put your money away for retirement and your insurance coverage will affect your tax return. There are deductions available based on your retirement and insurance plans, so making sure you have the right one of each is important.

Our firm is experienced in providing a number of tax services, including tax planning. As part of this engagement, we look at your retirement plan and your insurance coverage from a tax perspective to see the impact each has on your return. If there is a way to better align your retirement goals and healthcare needs with your expected obligations, we can discuss options that help put you in a more equitable financial situation. If you need to stay with your current plans, we can discuss available ways to ethically minimize their effect on your taxes.

Contact Us for Financial Planning

Stokes, Visca, & Company, LLP - CPA's offers financial planning services near the greater Rochester area. Call our firm and schedule a consultation to begin your path to a more secure future. Ask to speak to Steve Stokes or Paul Visca.

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