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Small Business Accounting


When running your business for many hours each week, finding the time to effectively operate your accounting functions is difficult. In order to save time and optimize the accuracy of your accounting and records, you should consider outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping to a CPA firm.

Stokes, Visca, & Company provides small business accounting in the greater Rochester area. If you are a company operating near us or in Monroe, Ontario, or Wayne County, then our accounting assistance can help you succeed in the marketplace.

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Many of our clients prefer to handle their own bookkeeping and accounting functions in house. However, there could be errors in the accounting, so a simple verification process is still beneficial. We offer an onsite periodic review of your accounting data and records to ensure the financial reporting is complete and accurate. We then sit down with the business owner or management team to review the financial results and to discuss future opportunities, including tax planning.

Stokes, Visca, & Company, LLP - CPA's also reviews your system to see if your accounting approach is customized to your specific needs. If you utilize or are planning to implement an accounting software program, then part of our services includes setting up that system to be best customized for your needs. We also have a unique understanding of how QuickBooks Pro works, offering QuickBooks training teaching your staff on how to use the program for accurate results.


Alternatively, you can hire our CPA firm to manage your accounting functions fully. Stokes, Visca, & Company, LLP - CPA's can act as your accounting manager or business’ controller.

On a regular schedule, we fulfill your accounting and bookkeeping duties. We balance out your books and reconcile accounts either on site or at our office, depending on what is more convenient for you.

Additionally, we can serve as a controller, which allows us to manage all of your company’s accounting, tax, and financial operations on a part-time basis.


The frequency of our services depends on the level of service you need. We offer our accounting, income tax, and financial services and support on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or even semi-annually. It depends on the business volume and the services you need.

We will customize a plan and proposal for you once we meet to discuss your business operations and specific needs in the areas of accounting, income taxes, payroll and other financial services. 

We offer our services on a value-added billing basis where we give you one total price for all annual services provided. we then bill the annual fee on a monthly or quarterly basis. There are never any billing surprises with Stokes, Visca, & Company, LLP - CPA's.


Stokes, Visca, & Company, LLP - CPA's offers small business accounting in the greater Rochester area. For more information about how we can best help you thrive in the marketplace, please contact our firm and schedule a free consultation today. Ask to speak to Steve Stokes or Paul Visca.

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