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Tax Preparation

Income Tax Preparation and Compliance in Rochester, NY

Stokes, Visca, & Company, LLP - CPA's offers tax preparation services in the greater Rochester area. We help individuals and businesses throughout Monroe, Ontario, and Wayne County send in their tax returns in a timely and accurate fashion. Schedule a consultation today to see how our comprehensive tax services help you.


There are a variety of income taxes filed each year. Individual tax payers are familiar with the Form 1040 return, but they may have to also file Form 1065 if they are one of the owners of a partnership and Forms 1041 and 706 if they are the fiduciary of a trust or an estate. C-corporations file Form 1120, and S-corporations file Form 1120S. If you run a nonprofit organization, you prepare a Form 990 return to stay compliant with your tax exempt status.

Stokes, Visca, & Company, LLP - CPA's has the experience necessary to prepare and file all of these returns for you. Our experience in taxation makes us an effective partner for tax season.


If you run a business, you will need to file multiple forms besides income returns to fulfill your tax obligations. Sales tax returns and payroll withholding payments are filed monthly or quarterly, and every business has to make these payments. Stokes, Visca, & Company, LLP - CPA's prepares and files these taxes as well, making sure your more frequent returns are delivered to the IRS and NY Department of Taxation and Finance in a punctual manner.

Our firm’s support of your income, sales, and payroll taxes do not stop at filing, however. Many business owners and management teams often do not plan ahead effectively for their upcoming tax returns; their ability to apply for deductions is limited because of this lack of foresight. We can help you plan ahead for all upcoming tax returns to minimize your obligations within legal bounds.


If a previous year’s tax return is found to have errors or was filed late, the IRS may issue an audit to investigate your tax returns. If you are found to owe more in taxes than had been previously paid, you could face levies and liens against your business assets, if not your personal property.

Our firm will represent you before the IRS during an audit. We will help explain your tax situation to them and answer their questions, which may reduce the likelihood and severity of a new tax obligation. If the IRS rules that you owe more in taxes, we can help establish a payment method that satisfies the debt without constraining your livelihood or business’ ability to grow.


Stokes, Visca, & Company, LLP - CPA's provides tax preparation services and support near the greater Rochester area. For more information, please call us today and schedule a free consultation. Ask to speak to Steve Stokes or Paul Visca, and see how our tax services can help you succeed.  

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